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4 Week Sleep Package

From £350

This four-week sleep support package is ideal for little ones struggling with more complex sleep issues, as well as for families seeking comprehensive, in-depth support over an extended period. It facilitates gentle change over several weeks, ensuring the process is not only manageable for your child but also sustainable for your family. The journey begins with an initial consultation, during which we will thoroughly examine your sleep issues. Following this, you will receive daily support via WhatsApp, where you will be gently guided through your sleep plan. The package also includes 4 additional catch-up calls, providing opportunities to review your progress and develop the next stage of your sleep plan.

Sleep Diary: Start by documenting your child's sleep patterns. This foundational step helps me understand the specific challenges and aspirations you face.

Initial Consultation: Together, we'll address sleep concerns and design a gentle, bespoke strategy that aligns with your child's natural rhythms.

Detailed Sleep Plan: Receive a clear, written guide, charting the course towards improved sleep with steps that can be comfortably paced.

Four-Week Guided Support: Throughout this month-long journey, I'm right beside you, offering insights, guidance, and answers via messaging and email.

Check-In Call: You will have 4 dedicated conversation, scheduled at a mutually convenient time, to discuss progress, adjustments, and ensure the path remains focused on achieving peaceful nights

Book your 15 minute free consultation


Home consultation - £400

Virtual consultation - £350

*Home visits are within 30 miles of RG24 9NF and are charged at 30p per mile for the round trip.

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