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Introducing Solid Food Workshop

About the Workshop

Are you a parent of a baby under 6 months and wondering when and how to introduce solid foods? Or perhaps you're just tired of that "milk-only" menu? Join our IBCLC led workshop to gain insights, and tips in starting your little one on their exciting solid food journey! 


Babies are welcome to attend the session. We have set up a play area in the middle for them to enjoy while we chat. Don't worry about remembering everything while juggling a baby too; we'll send you plenty of information after the session.

Why Attend?

•   Evidence-Based Information: Learn the latest recommendations and research on introducing solids.

 Interactive Sessions: Engage in group discussions, Q&A sessions, and real-life scenarios.

Personalised Advice: Because every baby is unique, just like their food preferences.


Workshop Highlights

1. Understanding the Right Time: Recognise the signs that your baby is ready for solids.

2. First Foods: Discover the best foods to start with and how to prepare them. From purees to finger foods, we've got the menu covered.

3. Safety First: Learn about potential allergens, choking hazards, and how to introduce new foods safely.

4. Balancing Milk and Solids: Ensure your baby gets the right nutrition as they transition.

5. Fussy eating: We'll dive deep into the art of toddler food diplomacy. Remember, behind every fussy eater is a discerning food critic waiting to emerge!

“It’s given me the confidence to start and

enjoy the weaning process with my baby”



Reserve Your Spot!

This is a relaxed and interactive session. To ensure a personalised experience, we are keeping the spots limited. So, if you have questions or need guidance, this is the perfect opportunity. Click here to book now!

Next Session:

Date: 14th May

Time: 12.00

Venue: The Little Play Lounge, The Old Rectory, Rectory Road, Padworth Common, Berkshire, RG7 4JD

For any queries, contact us at

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