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Holistic Sleep Coaching

Empowering parents with gentle sleep solutions 

"Jenny is amazing. Her holistic approach is both empowering and comforting, and ultimately, gets results without neglecting your or your little ones needs." Di

Holistic Sleep Coaching 

As a Holistic Sleep Coach and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I offer more than just sleep strategies. I provide a comprehensive approach that takes into account every aspect of your child's well-being. My approach is designed to nurture the special bond between you and your child, integrating your sleep goals and parenting style into a cohesive plan.

Parenting small children can be great fun but also exhausting and challenging. When you are getting little sleep, these challenges can feel even more significant. A lack of sleep can impact all aspects of your life, from workplace interactions, conversations with your partner, to finding yourself irresistibly drawn to the chocolate aisle in supermarkets!

My philosophy when supporting parents with their little ones' sleep is rooted in:

Gentle Sleep Strategies: As a sleep consultant, I promote family-centred, gentle strategies that are age and developmentally appropriate. All sleep interventions prioritise your child's attachment and maintain your connection to your child through responsive parenting. I will never ask you to leave your child unsupported. Changes can be made in small steps, making them easier for your little one to adjust to and minimizing tears. Every sleep plan is unique because each child's needs and temperament are different; what works for one family may not work for another.

Comprehensive Assessments:  I don't just look at sleep in isolation. My assessments delve deep into your family's unique sleep patterns, diet, emotional support needs, development, and behaviour management. This holistic perspective ensures that our strategies are tailor-made for your family.

Empowerment:  As a parent, you have an innate understanding of your child. While I'm here to provide guidance, ultimately, you're in control. With my support, you will receive a personalised sleep plan that aligns with your parenting style and your child's developmental stage.


Fun: Children understand the world through play, so expect to do lots of teddy bears bedtimes! Also, silly time before the bedtime routine is a wonderful way for you all to enjoy each other and build that connection. 

Understanding your goals:  Central to my philosophy is the understanding that your sleep goals are unique. These goals may include fewer night wake-ups, better naps, or night weaning. I will present a variety of different strategies to help you achieve your goal, allowing you to choose the one that suits your child best. If you are a breastfeeding parent, your feeding goals will be prioritised and integrated into a cohesive feeding and sleep plan.

Ongoing support: With the 2 and 4 week sleep support packages, you have the option of daily support. This enables you to ask questions, refine the plan as the weeks progress, and receive advice on how to manage sleep situations as they evolve throughout the day

Whether you're a new parent seeking guidance on breastfeeding or a tired parent looking for gentle sleep solutions, I'm here to support you. Together, we'll find the path that feels right for your family. I can't wait to be a part of your journey.

Explore sleep packages:


 Delve into two weeks of intensive sleep coaching with this package. The process begins with a detailed initial consultation, where together we'll develop a sleep plan perfectly tailored to your child's unique needs. Following this, you'll benefit from a  2   weeks of support via WhatsApp, offering real-time guidance to finely adjust and effectively implement the new sleep routine.

The package includes two follow-up calls. These are crucial in reviewing your progress and fine-tuning the sleep plan further, ensuring a smooth continuation to the next phase of your child's sleep development. Learn more. 

From £250

This four-week sleep support package is ideal for little ones

struggling with more complex sleep issues, as well as for families seeking comprehensive, in-depth support over an extended period. It facilitates gentle change over several weeks, ensuring the process is not only manageable for your child but 

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sustainable for your family. The journey begins with an initial consultation, during which we will thoroughly examine your sleep issues. Following this, you will receive daily support via WhatsApp, where you will be gently guided through your sleep plan. The package also includes 4 additional catch-up calls, providing opportunities to review your progress and develop the next stage of your sleep plan. Learn more.

From £350 

 This six-month sleep support package is ideally suited for younger babies, who often experience rapidly changing sleep needs, and more sensitive children who benefit from a gentler, slower approach. Throughout the six-month plan, you will have access to four sleep consultations. These can be scheduled whenever you feel  the need, whether it's to discuss progress on a sleep plan, address specific issues, or make adjustments to the plan as your child

grows and develops. In addition to these consultations, you will also benefit from ongoing support via email. This ensures that any questions or challenges you encounter are promptly and effectively addressed, providing continuous guidance and peace of mind. Learn more.

From £350

A concise yet comprehensive approach to addressing specific sleep challenges. Perfect for parents who are largely content with their child's sleep but recognise a few areas that could benefit from expert guidance. Learn more.

From £90


Jenny Bower - Holistic Sleep Coach & Lactation Consultant

Over the 15 years I was a Paediatric Nurse, I've developed a deep knowledge and passion for working with families with small children. I proud to have become a Lactation Consultant and worked hard during the 100+ hours I invested in the Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme led by Lyndsey Hookway. This training isn't solely about sleep; it encompasses areas like attachment, feeding challenges, allergies, and the influence of diet on sleep, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the entire family ecosystem. Learn more about my journey to becoming a Lactation Consultant and Holistic Sleep Coach.

Being an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant isn't solely about feeding support; it's about understanding the intricate bond between mother and child. This deep knowledge plays a pivotal role in sleep coaching, allowing me to recognise how feeding patterns influence sleep rhythms, support feeding issues, and providing empathetic support throughout the journey. Furthermore, I am here to champion all parents, whether you wish to continue your feeding journey or it have reached its conclusion. Every parent's path is unique. 

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"Working with Jenny for our little boys sleep was the best decision we’ve ever made! We were definitely at a crisis point and Jenny guided us through to reach our goals…which I honestly thought were unrealistic - things have dramatically improved for us as a family. Jenny is very kind and friendly and had a gentle approach to tackle sleep which is exactly what we were comfortable with."

Tori C

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