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6 Month Sleep Support

From £350

Step into a journey of understanding and nurturing with our 6-month sleep support package. Recognising the ever-evolving nature of infant sleep, especially in those early months, this extended package is crafted for parents who value gentle, adaptive change. It's especially beneficial for younger babies, whose sleep needs shift rapidly, allowing for a flexible and responsive approach. My commitment is to provide you with the tools, insights, and consistent support needed to foster a harmonious sleep environment that grows with your child.

Sleep Diary: Begin by chronicling your baby's sleep patterns. This insight is invaluable, setting the stage for our tailored approach.

Collaborative Consultation: Over the course of our journey, you'll have 4 x 1-hour dedicated sessions, allowing us to dive deep into sleep challenges, celebrate milestones, and adjust strategies as your baby grows.

Detailed Sleep Plan: Armed with a clear, evolving guide, you'll feel confident in navigating the ever-changing landscape of infant sleep.

Flexible Support Options: Choose what suits you best: 10 support emails for those in-depth queries or 30 days of Whatsapp support for real-time guidance, all to be utilized within our 6-month journey.

Check-In Calls: These 4 dedicated conversations, scheduled at times that work for both of us, ensure we're aligned, adaptive, and always moving towards more peaceful nights and contented days.

Book your free 15 minute call to discuss your little ones sleep.


Home consultation - £400*

Virtual consultation - £350

*Home visits are within 30 miles of RG24 9NF and are charged at 30p per mile for the round trip.

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