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2 Week Sleep Package

From £250

Embark on a journey towards more restful nights and calmer days with 2 week sleep support. This package offers a thoughtful approach to sleep challenges. While every child and situation is unique, my aim is to provide you with tools and insights to better understand and support your child's sleep. Together, we'll work towards creating a more harmonious sleep environment for your family.

Sleep Diary: Begin with a sleep diary to capture your child's patterns. I'll analyse this to understand your unique challenges and goals.

Collaborative Consultation: Dive deep into sleep issues and co-create a gentle, tailored strategy.

Detailed Sleep Plan: You'll receive a clear, written roadmap to guide your journey to better sleep.

Two-Week Guided Support: As you embark on this path, I'm with you every step of the way, offering insights and answers via messaging and email.

Check-In Call: A follow-up conversation, scheduled at a time that suits us both, to ensure you're on track to peaceful nights.

Book your 15 minute free consultation


Home consultation - £300*

Virtual consultation - £250

*Home visits are within 30 miles of RG24 9NF and are charged at 30p per mile for the round trip.

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