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The Well Baby Clinic

Well Baby Clinic offers Private Health Visiting for Hampshire and West Berkshire. Access baby weighing, sleep, development and feeding support at home, virtually or in our Basingstoke Clinic. More in depth sleep support is available with one of our Sleep Packages.

Bespoke Support for You and Your Family

The first few weeks of having a baby are lovely and cuddle filled but they can also feel overwhelming,  with it taking a little while to find your feet. As your baby gets older you will get into the swing of things, then all of a sudden they have a development leap and everything changes! Your little person becomes  a toddler filled with big emotions that they need help learning how to manage. 


All these changes and milestones are wonderful to experience as a parent but each one comes with its own challenge. It's normal to have lots of questions about your child and to want reassurance. 


Well Baby Clinic offers Private Health Visiting services across North Hampshire and West Berkshire. Appointments are offered in a clinic in Basingstoke, in your home or virtually. Jenny is an experienced Health Visitor and Paediatric Nurse, with specialist interest in infant feeding and sleep.  


The service you receive is centred around the uniqueness of your child and family. During appointments we consider what is developmentally appropriate for your child and how we can best promote their health and development. The advice and information is evidence based and given within the context of supporting your child in having a secure attachment through responsive parenting. 

Reasons Families Attend Well Baby Clinic

Development & Weight

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  • For developmental assessments

  • To check that their baby is gaining weight well

  • 1 year checks

  • 2 year checks

  • To discuss their child’s development, aged 0-4 years

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For sleep support if their child is sleeping fairly well and just needs a nudge in the right direction. For more complex sleep difficulties please see my sleep page

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Routines & Behaviour

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  • To discuss routines

  • Because their baby is unsettled 

  • To get support with behaviour

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  • For breastfeeding and bottle feeding support

  • To discuss introducing solids

  • Their child is a fussy eater

  • Families are experiencing meal time battles

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Please note that this clinic is for well children. If you feel your child is unwell please speak to your GP.  In addition, a full sleep consultation cannot be completed in the clinic as a sleep diary analysis is required. Please see the sleep page for information about sleep support. 

Clinic, Home & Virtual Services

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