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Breastfeeding Support With 1 Week Of Messaging Support

From £90

Breastfeeding you baby can be challenging and lots of parents need support with their breastfeeding journey. During this appointment you can get support with any breastfeeding difficulties you are experiencing.

After the appointment enjoy having a Lactation Consultant in your pocket with one week of WhatsApp support.

Breastfeeding support at home can be particularly useful as it allow us to look at where you will be nursing the most often. We can then make adjustments to this enviornment to make breastfeeding more comfortable for you.


Vitrtual appointment with 1 week of messaging support - £100

Home appointment with 1 week of messaging support - £135*

*Home visits are within 30 miles of RG24 9NF and are charged at 30p per mile for the round trip.

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